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Draw! Fold! Staple! Update!

I did my first mini comic day at Hypno Comics this last Saturday and it went really well. We had a really great turn out and comics were made. I think that people had so much fun that will be doing it again. A huge thanks to George and the Hypno Crew for letting us take over the back room and draw for half the day. I think moving forward into more of these events I will know a little bit better how to approach it and hopefully they will keep getting better. Thanks to all who attended and I hope to see you at more events.

I grabbed this photo montage from the Hypno Comics Facebook page.


Big Pete!

Sometimes I feel like the inner workings of my brain are just an endless marathon of The Adventures of Pete & Pete.

2015 Tim Beard - The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Michael C. Maronna,


Amamak Sketch

I was looking at the Amamak Tumblr and came across a photo that was so fun and colorful that I was compelled to sketch it.

2015 Tim Beard - Amamak Tumblr Aviva


James Martin Painting Demo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending James Martin's live painting demo at the Santa Paula Art Museum. James has been a visual development artist, matte painter, and texture painter for Disney and Dreamworks and plenty of other studios and productions. He is also a very accomplished landscape and figurative artist.

James had some samples of his fine art and his animation work out to look through. It was a good selection of work. For his demo, one of the museum staffers volunteered to sit and pose for a small portrait. James talked about his painting process while he went including the importance of value, color temperature and trying to stay loose while painting. James ended up painting for three sittings at around 30 minutes each.

It was an inspiring event. I ended up writing three pages of notes in my sketchbook! I got to speak with James a little bit and not only is he a great artist but he's just a really nice guy. If you get a chance to take a class with him or see him do one of these demos I would definitely recommend taking advantage of it.


Draw! Fold! Staple!

Hey, folks! I'm going to be hosting a mini comic event at Hypno Comics in Ventura, CA on June 27th at noon. Fun for all ages! We will talk mini comics and how to go about constructing your own. There will be some supplies available but if you or your kids have their favorite tools you can bring those along too. This will be really fun and I believe a first of it's kind event for Hypno.

2015 Tim Beard - Hypno Comics, Ventura, CA, Mini Comics


A Walk Cycle

I've been trying to get myself back into animating things lately. Just for practice I did this little walk cycle in After Effects. I painted my little pumpkin dude in Manga Studio, assembled the layers in Photoshop, then using parenting in AE I put this together. I haven't used this technique in a looong time but it was really fun.

2015 Tim Beard - Animation, Walk Cycle, Animated GIF, Puppet Animation



I was up really early this morning. Rather than just lying in bed I decided that I should finish up this Elvira piece that I started a couple of nights ago. I'm just going to put this out there, if any publisher ever revives the Elvira comics line I absolutely want to do a cover. Elvira is one of the most fun people to draw.


For the Honor of Grayskull!

I've been rewatching She-Ra and felt like painting her in battle being a bad ass.